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If I’ve learned one thing about being a creative person, it’s that sometimes you’re feeling it…

And sometimes you’re not.

I’ve certainly had my ups and downs for these past four years. (Which… wow. FOUR YEARS since Damsel Distressed debuted. So weird.)

There have been periods of great creative productivity and inspiration. Like, in the past calendar year, I’ve:

  • competed in a flash fiction competition where I had 48 hours to create a story from scratch with only a genre, location, and object for a prompt! AND I DID THAT TWICE! (This contest is technically till in progress! Round 2 results will be announced some time in November!)
  • written a new book that I love more than I probably should. It stretched me and changed me, and if it ever finds wings, it will make huge waves when it flies
  • I’ve taken steps backwards and forwards in my path toward having another book to put in your hands, but I’ve kept my chin up, and I’ve done my best to stay true to my heart–not always easy in this business
But there have also been periods of aimlessness that made me feel like nothing I’d ever make would be good enough. (Like my sweet, abandoned Semi-Precious Life podcast, my dusty, crusty youtube channel, putting a book I worked on for over three years right into that “unpublishable drawer”–probably for good, and a shake up in a core facet of my publishing team. Ouch.)

The truth is, we can’t predict when we’ll be inspired and when we’ll have to fake it. Creatives are good at that… putting our fingers on the keyboard or the strings or the pencils even when it’s hard.

But those glorious times when you feel magic and light in your bones are ELECTRIC.
And that’s where I find myself now.

I feel inspired and excited about being a writer in a way I haven’t in years. I don’t know exactly what’s coming around the bend, but I know that when it turns that corner, it’s going to have to take a number because I won’t be sitting and waiting.

I want to be making and dreaming and inspiring other people with so much of my heart that my dreams might have to wait on me for a change.

Enjoy this little update, come say hello wherever you find me, and make the time to create something you can be proud of.

‘Cause it turns out that’s all that really matters.



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KelsNotChels NOT LIVE is back on YouTube!

It’s true! After several false starts, I’ve got four episodes in the bag, and I’m ready to hit you with the good stuff every TUESDAY. If you haven’t subscribed, now’s your chance. This week, I’m talking about the paralyzing pain of getting those first few words on the page so you can set your story free. 

CLICK IT. (We both know you want to.)



The 7th annual #SipSwap mug exchange for writers is having sign ups until November 2nd. Visit KelseyMacke.com/sipswap for details!



I’m super excited to be working on a brand new book, and I’m using #NaNoWriMo to keep me motivated! If you’re new ’round these parts, #Nano is a huge challenge to write a novel (a 50k word first draft) in just 30 days! It’s an incredible goal, but I have fall break and my annual writing retreat with my bestie, so who knows! I might actually beat my best #Nano word count: last year’s 37,000 words!




Check out this micro-fiction piece I wrote for Megan Whitmer (I love this girl so much. You have no idea.) and her spooktacular
October blog celebration.

P.S. It’s about one of my biggest fears. EEP!


I am absolutely in love with Instagram. I can be found on IG stories most mornings, talking about my 5am writing wakeup call, playing with makeup, and showing off my cats, Tinni and Dala. If you’re not following me there, find me @KelsNotChels.
(Check out my Halloween GALAXY makeup!) 


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